• Engineering a Perfect Baby Revealed in a Book
    New Rochelle, NY – Set in the cyberpunk year 2102, "Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree", penned by New York writer Hilary Smith, puts together individuals and situations that will challenge and disturb your preconceptions about the possible evolution of motherhood. This novel opens in the world of advanced medicine and genetically engineered humans, when babies are conceived from eggs and sperm that are prescreened for all known genetic disorders. Heritable diseases and infectious diseases are wiped out, and scientists can re-engineer every body part and organ.
  • Can Motherhood and Genetically Engineered Babies Click?
    New Rochelle, NY – A soul-searching dystopian novel involving genetic engineering is revealed in Hilary Smith’s “Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree”. The book welcomes year 2102, a new world where people’s bodies and minds are tightly regulated; […]